Our growing family

Our growing family

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What if...

...we took two minutes each day to really look around and count ALL of our blessings that God has given us...not because we deserve them but because HE IS GOD!

...we spent more quality time talking to our children instead of letting tv, internet, and video games take up the hours in their days.

...we appreciated all of the hard work and time that our spouses put into our marriages instead of nagging them about what they aren't doing right.

...we took the money we use to go out to eat just for ONE month and donated it to a worthy cause in our local community or around the world.

...we slowed down long enough to call a friend, or even better, actually visit a friend that we know is going through a hard time.

...we took the focus off of ourselves for just a DAY and focused on loving and serving our family and friends FIRST.

...we actually prayed for those friends and family members that are truly hurting right now and gave them words of encouragement.

...we feed the man on the side of the interstate with the sign that said "hungry...I need food.", instead of judging him for being there.

...we didn't gossip about ANYONE for a WHOLE day and prayed for our enemies instead!

...we taught our kids to appreciate having family, food, and clothes EACH DAY instead of how to whine to get their way.

...we didn't worry about what others say and do and ONLY worried about what GOD CALLS US to say and do.

...churches came together to fight the evil of this world, instead of trying to compete against each other for church attendance and fancy buildings.

...we stopped complaining about what "God isn't doing" in our lives and PRAISED HIM for the miracles everyday around us.

...we truly LOVED the person next to us without worrying about their skin color, bank account, or family history.

...we faithfully LET GO and LET GOD work through us everyday!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Enjoying the warm weather...

...and a funny side story too!!!
So I just want to say that the last couple of weeks have been some of the most fun weeks our little family have had in a while. I am NOT a winter lover...I get moody and a little depressed during the winter months when we have to stay inside ALL day...so we have taken advantage of the nice weather and gone for long walks and had three playdates at the park with friends over the last couple of weeks. I also got to spend time playing softball on Saturday with some fun girls...brought back sweet memories of being young!

Anyways...one of my favorite things that happened over the last few weeks was the unexpected sleepover that Leah had with her best friend, GABE. These two kiddies have literally grown up together and definitely act like siblings with the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly moments...but last week was so much fun! They played so well together and it is fun to watch them interact and have conversations with each other now that they are both 3...speaking of conversations...let me tell you about the conversation on the ride home after picking Gabe up unexpectantly...it went something like this...

Gabe: Hey Leah...I get to spend the night at your house...Aunt Amber did my mom give you my clothes?
Me: No Gabe, but don't worry I'm sure we can find something for you to wear to bed and I will wash your clothes for you to put back on tomorrow.
Leah: Gabe...you can borrow some of my pajamas if you need to...
Gabe: But what about my underwear...I don't have any more underwear...
Leah: Gabe...I have princess panties you can wear...want to wear those?
Gabe: (with A LOT OF EXCITEMENT)...Leah...Can I wear the PINK PRINCESS PANTIES?
Leah: Sure Gabe...you can wear those.
Gabe: (still with A LOT OF EXCITEMENT)...Aunt Amber...Leah said I could wear her PINK PRINCESS PANTIES!!!

Well...just in case Ben(Gabe's daddy) is reading...Gabe did NOT end up wearing the PINK PRINCESS PANTIES...he REALLY wanted to but luckily we found some Diego underwear that Gabe had given Leah for Christmas (that's another blog post)...but He did wear Leah's Dora pajamas to bed...

Aren't they so cute...I mean really...precious:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My precious love...

In honor of Valentine's day, I decided to write the top ten things I LOVE about my precious husband Todd...so here goes...
I love that...

1) Todd loves the Lord and daily seeks to grow closer to him through prayer and bible study!
2) Almost everyday when I wake up, Todd has left me a little note on the refrigerator or a message on my phone with words of encouragement for the day.
3) He is a FATHER not just by name but by actions too. He loves our children so much and he very much enjoys spending time with them. I love watching him get on the floor and play with our children.
4) When I asked Todd about adopting, he quickly said "Ok..let's start praying about it!"...he didn't hestitate or try to talk me out of the radical idea.
5) He LOVES dessert...so we have them a lot..he is always baking something for us to snack on:)
6) Todd is a handy man...he can build amazing things like our screened in porch but he can also fix broken things around the house too!
7) Todd cannot keep a secret...if he has a surprise for me or something exciting to share, he gets this BIG SMILE on his face and you know he is dying to tell you what he "has up his sleeve".
8) Todd truly LOVES me. He enjoys spending time with me and makes a point of having at least two date nights each month! He even decided to skip his basketball game tonight to plan a surprise date for Valentine's day:)
9) Todd is very tenderhearted...his heart breaks for the "least of these" in this world...he is always looking for ways to help others here in our community and around the world!
10) When we disagree or argue, Todd is willing to work on our relationship and wants to make it stronger through our struggles...he doesn't give up and run...he faithfully prays for us and seeks to make our relationship better each day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's gonna be FULL OF HIM...

I have a plan for you
I have a plan for you
It's gonna be wild
It's gonna be great
It's gonna be full of Me

Open up your heart
And let Me in
Open up your heart
And let Me in

Come away with Me
Come away with Me
It's never too late
It's not too late
It's not to late for you

Above is a song that I heard for the first time at the Created for Care adoption retreat I went to this past weekend. I LOVE this song...my favorite part is the three lines...It's gonna be wild...It's gonna be great...It's gonna be full of Me. This song reminded me of exactly how I feel right now in our adoption journey. If you had told me a year ago that we would be adopting a child from Ethiopia and bringing that child home to be a part of our family in 2011...I know I would have laughed at you and told you that "you must be crazy" BUT...God knew HIS plans for Todd and I even before He revealed them to us. God called us into this adoption journey in the summer of 2010 and already it has been WILD, GREAT, and most importantly FULL OF GOD! As we patiently wait for our phone call that reveals our precious "baby Ethiopia", I can't help but think of all of the WILD, GREAT, and GOD HONORING adventures that are in store for our family this year and in the many years to come.

When you trust in God and decide to be obedient to His calling on your life, you won't know all of the details and exactly how everything will unfold BUT...God promises that His plans will be WILD, GREAT, and FULL OF HIM...His plans are so rewarding and WORTH IT! God is already using this adoption to change my heart to break for the things that break His heart...to love the orphans and widows that don't have a voice in this world...to invest in "eternal things" instead of worldly things...to LOVE unconditionally for HIM.

I encourage you to say "YES" to whatever you feel God is calling you to step out in faith and do for HIS GLORY...It's gonna be wild...It's gonna be great...It's gonna be FULL OF HIM!

Monday, February 7, 2011


As of last Friday morning, our Dossier was approved and on it's way to Ethiopia...we are officially DTE(Dossier To Ethiopia) and on the waiting list for our "baby Ethiopia". I never thought I would love the letters DTE so much but right now I have to admit those are my three favorite letters and they look so good together:) We are so excited to move into this next "phase" of the adoption journey. Our "unofficial" waiting list numbers are a little complicated and NOT exact science but here goes...

#37 - boy 0-12 months old
#43 - girl 0-12 months old
#13 - boy 12-24 months old
#15 - girl 12-24 months old

Yay...Let the waiting begin!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spa party update...

So many of you have asked how the spa party went and IT WAS GREAT! Jennifer Brooks handed me a check today for $307 and said she would be donating another $75 when three of my friends have their spa parties in March. Wow...$382 more dollars in our adoption fund to bring "baby Ethiopia" home. Jennifer...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time and big donation to our adoption fund! We have been so blessed by monetary donations, items for our yard sales, and this spa party. When we follow God's plan, HE IS FAITHFUL to supply us with the tools needed to carry out HIS WORK!