Our growing family

Our growing family

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It all started with a $5 book...

You are probably wondering what gave Todd and I the idea to adopt, especially internationally...well it honestly all started with a $5 book from the Family Christian bookstore that was on sell at the register. I read the back of the book and decided to buy it one July afternoon and it was one of the most convicting books I have ever read. I could not put it down...I read it in a couple of days....which is quick considering I don't get a lot of "free time" to read with my precious two kiddies to care for daily. The book is entitled RED LETTERS by Tom Davis. RED LETTERS urges Christians not only to read the words Christ spoke in the gospels but to most importantly LIVE those words in our everyday lives. We, as believers, settle into thinking that going to church on Sunday, praying occasionally, and helping "when we have time" is what living our faith is suppose to look like...but Tom Davis challenges us to be Christs' hands and feet by loving others as much as we love ourselves. That means feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and providing shelter for the homeless. I will share more from that book in another blog, but I want to continue with our adoption story...

So after I finished the book, I lightheartedly said to Todd, "So, what do you think about adopting a child from Ethiopia?"...totally expecting him to say, "NO WAY...are you crazy?" BUT instead Todd looked at me and said "Why not, it's something we can start discussing and praying about...". I was SHOCKED!!! So I began researching adoption, reading several blogs about families who have adopted, and mostly importantly praying about adoption A LOT. Todd and I prayed together and discussed international adoption in more detail over the next month and decided maybe it would be best for us if we waited until Todd changed jobs, we had another child of our own, and saved up all of the money to pay for the adoption in full...but secretly we both just kept feeling God tugging at us and saying "Take this leap of faith, I will work ALL of the details out in MY time...TRUST that my ways and my timing are better than yours..."

So, throughout the next month, God kept laying adoption on both of our hearts through prayer, bible study, random conversations with people, the radio, and books that we were reading. I honestly could NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Todd and I talked again and realized that we were letting fears and doubts overshadow God's perfect plan for us. We had the comfortable and easy life that we always wanted and dreamed about...nice house, two cars, healthy children, good paying job...why would we "rock the boat"?!? God was calling us to step out of our COMFORT zone and into his plan...a plan that will bring more JOY than we could ever produce ourselves. As Christians, God doesn't promise that if we follow HIS plan, it will be swift and easy...but He does promise that IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT.

So, we got information from two international adoption agencies and began researching both of them. We chose one and then prayed about which country in Africa to pursue...and we chose Ethiopia. We filled out paperwork to start the adoption process and sent in our $250 to America World Adoption Agency and three days later got the first of many JOYFUL phone calls to come saying that we were accepted into the program and would start the adoption process immediately!

So...here we are...rising up to God's calling on our lives and trusting that God will work out ALL of the details that will follow in the next year or more. We hope you will walk a long side of us as we pursue this adventure. Todd and I are both firm believers that "it takes a village to raise a family..." so we are going to need your support and most importantly prayers over the next days, weeks, and months ahead.


Dufries...party of 5!

We have BIG news to share with you! We are expanding our family to five. I know you are probably thinking..."Wow, Amber is pregnant again!"..but I'm not pregnant. Todd and I have decided to ADOPT a precious child from the country of Ethiopia in Africa!!! We received a phone call on Thursday, September 30th with the incredible news that America World Adoption Agency (AWAA) has accepted us into their adoption program. WE ARE THRILLED! We have requested a child in the age range of 2-24 months old. We did not specify a gender so we could be receiving a little boy or girl.

It is going to be a long road...one that is going to require us to trust in the Lord daily, pray diligently without ceasing, patiently wait for HIS timing, and lean on our family and friends for support. It is estimated that adopting a child from Ethiopia takes anywhere from 9-18 months from start to finish, so hopefully we will have our precious child in our arms by the end of 2011. I am going to be "blogging" through it all so that you can stay informed and know how to pray for us and support us on our journey to bring our child home from Ethiopia.